Высокопроизводительный Впуск Воздуха

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Высокопроизводительный Впуск Воздуха

Цена: 2 000 руб
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Артикул: ACF1HFI
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More air = More power it’s that simple. Up to 6 hp on 1000cc models.

The F-chassis sleds have a lot of room for improvement in the air intake area.  Our new intake system snaps into place super easy and fast with no modifications or drilling required.  Our intake utilizes the same intake material used on the sled already to prevent moisture and any type of debris from entering your air intake system, while at the same time still flowing as if there were nothing there.  No fuel mods needed at this time.


    2007-2011 F-Series 500/600/800/925/1000 Models
    2007-2011 Z570 / 1000cc Non-Turbo Models

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